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Wireless Dynamic Sound Effect Gaming Earbuds

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  • 13mm Composite Diaphragm Unit : The 13mm composite diaphragm unit is tuned by Edifier Acoustic Lab with its 20-year acoustic experience. It has excellent resolution, dynamic low frequency, and a high-quality acoustic foundation.
  • Double Buff: The H+ specially tuned game sound effects are available as presets for two PAU1901 mobile game chips. The player's audio sensations of footsteps and gunfire will be enhanced during the game for precise decision-making.
  • 45ms Ultra Low Latency: LLATTM low-latency acceleration will be enabled between earbuds and smart devices when the game mode is on. Switch between games, music, and videos effortlessly.
  • Bipolar Antenna : The selected bipolar ceramic transmission antenna has an improved radio frequency and anti-interference performance, with a farther and more stable transmission distance of signals.
  • 5.5+19 Hours Battery Life : The battery life of a single charge is about 5.5 hours, while the charging case will give you an additional 24.5 hours.

Style for the Gaming Connoisseur

Experience high-fidelity sound with our advanced 13mm diaphragm unit and double buff-tuned gaming chips for unparalleled clarity and precision.


13mm Composite Diaphragm Unit

High-Fidelity Sound

Tuned to deliver unparalleled clarity, the 13mm composite diaphragm unit, born from Edifier's rich acoustic heritage, offers an exceptional audio experience with dynamic lows and a robust acoustic foundation.

Double Buff - H+ Tuned Sound

Enhanced Gaming Precision

With the dual PAU1901 gaming chips, the GM3Plus earbuds elevate your in-game soundscaes. Footsteps and gunfire are accentuated, allowing for pinpoint accuracy in the most critical moments.

Sports Car Inspired Design

Instantaneous Response

Game mode activates LLATTM low-latency acceleration, syncing your movements to sound with a mere 45ms delay. Seamlessly transition between gaming, music, and video with unparalleled fluidity.

Unwavering Connection

Bipolar Antenna

The superior bipolar ceramic antenna ensures your connection is as stable and far-reaching as your gaming ambitions, with heightened anti-interference capabilities to keep you in the game.

5.5+19 Hours Battery Life

All-Day Gaming

Dominate the digital realms with 5.5 hours of continuous playtime, backed by an extra 24.5 hours from the compact charging case, so the game only stops when you're ready.

Half-In-Ear and Short-Stem Design

Supreme Comfort

Crafted for comfort, the meticulously refined half-in-ear fit and feather-light 3.5g earbuds promise all-day wearability without compromise.

Sports Car Inspired Design

Racing Aesthetics

Ignite your gaming environment with a design inspired by the sleek contours and vibrant lighting of high-performance sports cars, coupled with a 20% more compact charging case.

Color Options to Match Your Gear

A Spectrum of Style

Personalize your gaming setup with the perfect color match. Choose from an elegant array of Black, Pink, White, Blue, Red, or Purple.

GM3Plus Technical Specifications




Bluetooth V5.3

Charging port




Charging time

Approx. 1.5h(earbuds)

Playback time

Approx. 5.5h(earbuds)
Approx. 19h(charging case)

Response speed



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about GM3Plus Earbuds.

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