G3M PRO Black Wireless/Wired Connection Gaming Mouse

Sale price$69.99

  • High Precision: Discover Unmatched Precision with 26,000 DPI and 650 IPS on Our Esports Mouse.
  • Long-lasting Reliability: Enjoy Exceptional Durability with 80 Million Clicks Lifecycle Switch.
  • Versatile Connectivity: Multiple Connection Options: 2.4G, Bluetooth, and Wired for Your Convenience.
  • Enhanced Control: Unleash Your Gaming Potential with HECATE Connect Software.
  • Extended Gameplay: Game Longer with Approximately 70 Hours of Battery Life on Our Esports Mouse.
  • RGB light effects: Multiple RGB lighting effects for better desktop decoration.
Color: Black

Gaming Wireless Mice

G3M PRO Specification


G3M Pro


USB-C port


2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth, USB-C

Custom Lighting:


Adjustable DPI Range:

50-26,000 DPI

Max Acceleration:



Approx. 63g

Max Speed(IPS):


Battery life:




HECATE G3MPro product video

Unleash Precision, Embrace Agility

Elevate your gameplay with the G3M PRO's cutting-edge PAM3395 sensor and experience lightning-fast maneuvers at 26000dpi. Switch seamlessly between high-stakes gaming and quiet office productivity with its innovative dual-mode switch. Outplay the competition with 1ms ultra-low latency and stay versatile with triple-mode connectivity. Embrace the ultra-light design for enduring comfort, and play on with 70 hours of tireless battery life. The G3M PRO isn't just a tool; it's your companion in the arena of gaming supremacy.

Precision Meets Performance

PAM3395 High-Performance Sensor

Dominate every game with the high-precision PAM3395 sensor, boasting 26000dpi and 650IPS for lightning-fast and pinpoint-accurate movements. Every action is a step towards victory.

Dual Personality

Innovative Dual Mechanical Switch

Adapt to the battlefield's demands with a unique dual-mode switch. Choose between the relentless pace of gaming mode and the discrete silence of office mode.

Instantaneous Reaction

1ms Ultra-Low Latency

With ultra-fast 1ms response and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, the G3M Pro annihilates lag, offering a seamless and fluid experience across dual devices.

Tri-Mode Connectivity

Versatile Wireless and Wired Options

Stay connected with the triple-threat versatility of 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth, and wired options. The G3M Pro ensures reliability and adaptability for every usage scenario.

Featherlight Agility

Ultra-Lightweight Design

At just 63 grams, the G3M Pro's ultra-lightweight construction ensures effortless movement and enduring durability without sacrificing performance.

Ergonomic Mastery

Contoured Comfort

The G3M Pro's meticulously crafted tiny gaming mouse design provides unrivaled comfort for the marathon sessions that define the gaming elite.

Marathon Runner

70 Hours of Unyielding Power

With up to 70 hours of battery life on a single charge, the G3M Pro is an enduring companion that keeps pace with your gaming marathons and creative endeavors.


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