C4 Fast Cooling Gaming Cooler

Sale price$49.99

  • Fast iPhone Cooling: Built-in 40*40 TEC for 15-second cooling from 25° to 0°.
  • Ultra-lightweight pocket size design: 86g weight, 62.5*62*25mm(L*W*H), curved design provides a comfortable grip and enhances the experience of use.
  • 4 RGB effects: Gaming immersion no matter where you are thanks to four adjustable RGB effects.
  • Suspended PCBA design: Prevents condensation erosion and is both safe and durable.
  • Thermal Overload Protection: There is built-in Thermal Overload Protection, so there is no need to be concerned about mishaps even with high power.
  • Physical 3-speed control: Physical button adjustment for “Silent,” “Medium,” and “Very Cold” modes, no need for tedious software settings.
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