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Empowered by FlashSpeed Technology

Experience professional-grade and ultra-low latency with third-gen 2.4Hz technology, ensuring stability with ≤1ms response time.


More Stable, More Power-Efficient

Stay wire-free with stable Bluetooth connection, offering lower power consumption and longer battery life compared to 2.4GHz mode.


Dual-Purpose Charging

HECATE mouse, equipped with a Type-C interface, eliminates worries about latency and battery life, providing continuous and joyful gaming.


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HECATE Gaming Mice

Each one is user-friendly!

Experience Gaming Excellence with FlashSpeed™ Technology and PAW3395 Sensor

Empowered by FlashSpeed™ ultra-low latency technology, enjoy a professional-grade ultra-low latency of ≤1ms. The high-performance PAW3395 sensor provides pixel-level precision with 26,000 DPI, 650 IPS rapid response, and 50G accurate feedback. The three-mode connectivity is compatible with various gaming devices, and players can choose a mouse size that suits their hand for a personalized experience.

HECATE video cover

Tailored for Esports Excellence

Versatile Connectivity, Pro Control

Designed for esports professionals, our gaming mouse offers 2.4G, Bluetooth, and Wired connectivity options. Elevate your gaming experience with the HECATE Connect Software, providing advanced customization and control. Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay with approximately 70 hours of battery life. The RGB lighting effects not only enhance aesthetics but also contribute to a professional, immersive gaming setup.


Durable Reliability for Competitive Edge

Pixel-Perfect Precision

Take command with our esports mouse, meticulously designed for precision. The PAW3395 sensor, offering 26,000 DPI and 650 IPS, guarantees pixel-perfect accuracy and rapid response. The durable switch with an 80 million-click lifecycle ensures reliability during intense gaming sessions, making it the perfect companion for competitive esports.


Crafted for Esports Comfort and Precision

Seamless Switching, Silent Mastery

Crafted with precision for esports enthusiasts, our gaming mouse stands out with dual micro switches for seamless, noise-free transitions. The ergonomic design, weighing a mere 63g, ensures a comfortable grip, allowing you to dominate the game without compromising on comfort. Switch effortlessly between work and play, experiencing unmatched versatility in various environments.

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