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Step into a world of awe-inspiring products among our wireless earphone collection. From the futuristic GX07 with its winged design to the compact yet powerful GX04 sound card edition, and the premium all-metal GX05 headphones, each stands out with exceptional creative design, unparalleled audio performance, and a comfortable wearing experience. Whether TWS or wired, these outstanding earphones are tailored to meet every gamer's needs, delivering a stunning performance for an extraordinary gaming experience.


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HECATE Gaming Earbuds
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Unleashing Futuristic Creativity with HECATE Earbuds

Pioneering Gaming Aesthetics

Embrace unconventional and futuristic design with HECATE Earbuds. Our products are infused with the DNA of limitless creativity, exploring the future and embracing a tech style ahead of its time. HECATE aspires to infuse every gaming experience with the spirit of pursuing the ultimate and ceaseless exploration, allowing gamers to feel the pursuit of excellence in every product while enjoying the joy of gaming.


Unleashing Futuristic Creativity with HECATE Earbuds

Unmatched Comfort, Unrivaled Gaming

Discover the epitome of comfort in gaming audio with HECATE Earbuds. Engineered with precision and a focus on ergonomic design, HECATE gaming earbuds redefine comfort during extended gaming sessions. The lightweight and snug fit ensure an immersive experience without compromising on style. HECATE Earbuds seamlessly blend human-centric design with futuristic gaming aesthetics, providing the ultimate in wearability for gamers who prioritize comfort without sacrificing performance.

Gaming Earbuds GX05


Dual-Mode Simultaneous Connection:

Seamlessly switch between 2.4GHz and Bluetooth modes with simultaneous online connectivity. Enjoy automatic device switching between two connected devices for a seamless transition.


Ultra-Low Latency of 15ms

Empowered by Ultra-Low Latency technology, our GX05 boasts a professional-grade ultra-low latency of as low as 15ms in 2.4GHz connection mode, ensuring a responsive gaming experience.


Effortless Mixing for Gaming and Calls

When the gaming earbuds are connected to two devices simultaneously, manage calls or voice communication effortlessly. Experience a mix of both devices' sounds simultaneously, achieving a perfect blend of gaming and communication.


Ergonomic design comfortable to wear

Tilt-in ear ergonomic design, soft rubber ear support to match the ear, long-lasting comfort.

RGB lighting effect

Cool multi-color RGB breathing and moving water light effect, between the light and shadow to feel more gaming dynamic charm.

2.4GHz mode

15ms Ultra-low latency 2.4G technology ensures a speedier response.

10MM dynamic drivers

powerful low frequency, Hi-res high-resolution sound quality, and a shocking experience.


Explore the Future of Gaming

GX05: Unleash Time and Space Rotation

Combining cutting-edge dual-mode technology with avant-garde design, GX05 incorporates advanced Ultra-Low Latency audio transmission technology. Experience seamless gaming with "subjective perception layer zero latency" as you rotate the GX05. Accompanied by a satisfying "click," the futuristic "Illusion" RGB lighting effect illuminates, reminiscent of activating a time-traveling spacecraft switch, immersing you in the joy of gaming amid dynamic light transformations.

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