GM180PLUS Red Comfortable To Wear Half-In-Ear Wired Earbud

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  • L-shaped design:The upgraded L-shaped Type-C plug is usable on both sides. Plug and play for a convenient gaming session.
  • 13mm Large Dynamic Driver:The unit is made of graphene, and the three frequencies are highly presented.
  • Highly Sensitive Microphone:The highly sensitive, wind noise cancellation and all-directional microphone picks up voice better.
  • Lightweight:The compact and light body is suitable for extended gaming sessions.
  • Semi-in-The-Ear, and Fits Better:The ergonomic oblique semi-in-ear design is comfortable and secure.
  • Multi-Scenario Compatibility:The Type-C interface is highly compatible with multiple mobile phones and devices for various scenarios.
  • Simple and easy line control:The Type-C interface is highly compatible with multiple mobile phones and devices for various scenarios.
    Color: Red

    About the GM180PLUS

    GM180Plus specification



    Frequency respons:




    Impedance :


    Cable Length:




    Microphone :

    Built-in MIC




    In-Line control


    15g (net weight)


    Precision Audio in Every Dimension

    GM180PLUS – a symphony of sound and durability for the dedicated gamer. GM180PLUS earbuds, powered by 13mm graphene drivers, deliver meticulously defined audio across all frequencies. The robust L-shaped Type-C plug design and ergonomic semi-in-ear fit promise enduring comfort and resilience, ensuring you stay immersed in your gaming world without limits.

    Unleash Sonic Power with 13mm Graphene Drivers

    Immersive Audio Precision

    The heart of the GM180Plus is its 13mm large dynamic driver, crafted with graphene to deliver a soundscape where every frequency is highly defined. From the low-end punch to the clarity of the highs, hear your game unfold with precision.

    Revolutionary L-Shaped Design

    Durability Meets Convenience

    The upgraded L-shaped Type-C plug of the GM180Plus is not just a design choice; it's a statement of durability. Useable on both sides, it's engineered to withstand the rigors of intense gaming sessions and reduce wear over time.

    Enhanced Plug Longevity

    Strain-Resistant Connection

    The strategic L-shaped plug minimizes damage from pulling and bending, ensuring your gaming goes uninterrupted and your earbuds stand the test of time.

    Superior Microphone Clarity

    Voice Pickup Perfected

    Communicate with your team without missing a beat. The highly sensitive microphone with wind noise cancellation captures your voice in full clarity, while the all-directional pickup ensures you're heard from every angle.

    Ergonomic Semi-In-Ear Fit

    Secure and Comfortable

    Designed with an ergonomic oblique angle, the semi-in-ear fit of the GM180Plus ensures a comfortable and secure fit, keeping you focused on the game and not on adjusting your earbuds.

    Ultra-Light Comfort

    Game Without Limits

    Say goodbye to ear fatigue with the GM180Plus's lightweight design, crafted for those endless gaming marathons. Comfort that you can wear for hours, turning long gaming sessions into a breeze.

    Versatile Type-C Interface

    Universal Gaming Companion

    The GM180Plus isn't just for gaming. With its highly compatible Type-C interface, connect seamlessly to a multitude of devices, making it the perfect companion for all your audio scenarios.


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about GM180PLUS Earbuds

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