GM260Plus Ergonomic Line Control Wired Earbud

Sale price$19.99

  • 10mm Titanium Plating Unit: The rugged 10mm titanium-plated unit delivers crystal clear sound.
  • Metal Cavity: It has a rigid all-aluminum metal cavity, which raises sound levels and allows you to hear every detail on the battlefield.
  • USB-C Convenience Adapter: The L-shaped adapter has a 90 super convenient ° angle
  • Professional Acoustics Tuning: Experience an enhanced soundstage and heightened effects
  • All-Day-Comfort: With the 55°golden angle in-ear design, the GM260 Plus earphones are more ergonomic
  • In-line Control. Simple to use: The inline control unit can generally control the microphone, volume levels, and Earbuds.
  • Double Anodization, Trendy Gradient Color: Every gorgeous color that's visible on the Earbuds is a result of the secondary anodizing process
Color: GM260Plus
Hecate Gaming