G5BT Black CAT-EAR Bluetooth Wireless/Wired 3.5mm Gaming Headset

Sale price$149.99

  • Hall Sensor CAT-EAR With RGB :Light turn on automatically when magenetical cat ear attracts on headset ,light off when removed
  • HI-RES Audio:Certified Hi-Res sound quality with 40mm driver to get truly immersed in game and music
  • Specially For Game:Specially H+ sound effect and 45ms (±5ms) low latency connection for a seamless gaming experience
  • Retractable MIC With ENC:Dual environmental noise cancelling microphones for vocal clarity during video and voice calls
  • Friendly Design With RGB:Foldable design and onboard control with 8 types of RGB lighting effects
  • Wireless/Wired Compatibility:Bluetooth 5.2 and a 3.5 mm audio cable connection for gaming on laptop, smartphones and Nintendo Switch

Gaming Headset

G5BT-Cat Specification




Light ON: 20H/Light OFF: 36H


Bluetooth 5.2/3.5mm

Cat-ear Design:


Charging Port:

USB Type-C

Hi-Res Certified:


Charging Time:

About 2 hours






Approx 350g


Pounce with Precision

Step into the gaming arena with the enchanting G5BT CAT Headset, blending high-definition audio and whimsical style. Certified Hi-Res 40mm drivers deliver purr-fectly clear sound, while RGB cat-ear accents ensure you stand out. Tailored for the competitive spirit with H+ sound and low latency, and equipped with dual ENC mics for clear communication, this headset is the ultimate ally for gamers who dare to be different.

Magical Cat-Ear Aura

Hall Sensor Cat-Ear with RGB

Turn heads with the magnetic cat-ear attachments that illuminate automatically when placed on the headset. Removing them turns off the lights, letting you switch between styles seamlessly.

High-Definition Sound

Certified Hi-Res Audio

Experience audio fidelity that's as sharp as a cat's senses with the G5BTCat's Hi-Res certified 40mm drivers. Every beat, every battle cry is delivered with crystal-clear precision.

Tailored for Gaming

Specially Tuned H+ Sound & Low Latency

Feel the intensity of the game with H+ sound effects and a 45ms (±5ms) low latency connection. Your in-game actions and the audio feedback are in perfect sync, for a gaming experience that's as immediate as it is immersive.

Uncompromised Clarity

Retractable ENC Microphones

Communicate with confidence. The dual environmental noise-cancelling microphones ensure your voice is heard with clarity and nuance during intense gaming sessions or important calls.

A Symphony of Lights

Friendly Design with RGB

Show off your style with 8 types of stunning RGB lighting effects. The foldable design and onboard controls mean your gaming setup is as flexible and dynamic as you are.

Connect Your Way

Wireless & Wired Compatibility

Embrace the freedom of Bluetooth 5.2 or plug in with the 3.5mm audio cable. The G5BTCat is ready to connect with your laptop, smartphone, and Nintendo Switch, catering to all your devices.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about G5BT-Cat Headset


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