GT2 Black & Yellow 13MM Dynamic Drivers Wireless Earbud

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  • 45MS Ultra Low Latency:45ms ultra-low-latency, Switch between games, music, and videos effortlessly.
  • 4.5+18 Hours Battery Life:The battery life of a single charge is about 4.5 hours, while the charging case will give you an additional 22.5 hours.
  • 13MM Dynamic Drivers:It boasts a superior acoustic foundation, dynamic low frequency, and superb resolution.
  • Microphone Call Noise Cancellation:Noise cancellation for more effective communication.
  • Ultra-Light Design Ultra:The earbud alone barely weights 3.5g. They are cozy enough to wear all day.
  • Elf-Like Dancing RGB Lighting Effects:When the headset is turned on, the elf-like light effect starts to dance; from growing to awakening to hibernating, each stage is enjoying the dynamic attraction of light and shadow!

Gaming Wireless Earbuds

GT2 Specification






Bluetooth 5.3

Sound effect:

Gaming mode

Charging port:

USB Type-C

Response speed:

Approx. 45ms

Charging Time:

Approx. 2h




Mic call noise cancellation

Effective distance:

Approx. 10m

hecate purple wireless earbudsGT2_1

Crisp, Comfortable, Conquering

GT2 Earbuds – where ultra-low latency meets marathon battery life and acoustic excellence. Embrace the full spectrum of sound with 13mm dynamic drivers, and stay connected with crystal-clear noise-cancelling communication. All wrapped in feather-light comfort, the GT2 also boasts enchanting RGB lighting to match your gaming vibe.

45MS Ultra Low Latency

Instantaneous Audio Sync

Experience the pinnacle of sound synchronization with the GT2's 45ms ultra-low-latency. Seamlessly switch between games, music, and videos, with audio that keeps pace with your every move.

Marathon Battery Life

4.5+18 Hours of Uninterrupted Play

The GT2 doesn't just keep up; it stays ahead. Get up to 4.5 hours on a single charge and an additional 22.5 hours with the charging case. Your gaming sessions just got extended.

13MM Dynamic Drivers

Acoustic Excellence

Discover a world where every sound is a masterpiece. The 13mm dynamic drivers lay down a superior acoustic foundation, with deep, dynamic lows and crystal-clear resolution.

Microphone Call Noise Cancellation

Clear Commands, Clear Victory

Communicate with precision. The GT2's noise cancellation ensures your voice cuts through the chaos, ensuring clear calls and decisive in-game chat.

Feather-Light Comfort

3.5g of Pure Comfort

At a mere 3.5g per earbud, the GT2 offers a fit so comfortable, you might forget you’re wearing them. Designed for all-day wear, these earbuds are as cozy as they are powerful.

Elf-Like Dancing RGB Lighting Effects

The Aesthetics of Light and Shadow

Illuminate your gaming universe with the GT2's elf-like RGB lighting effects. Watch them dance in a spectrum of colors, signaling your headset's every state – from powering on to hibernation.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about GT2 Earbuds


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