G1000 Pink Wired 3.5mm AUX, Bluetooth Gaming Speaker

Sale price$59.99

  • Sound Quality:2.5 inches full range speakers unit and 10W peak power to deliver unexceptionable sound quality
  • RGB Light:12 types RGB lighting effects to enhance your gaming experience
  • Music/Game Mode:Music and game sound modes to meet different needs
  • Wired Control:Wired controller support the volume, lights effect, sound mode and input modes
  • Compatibility:3.5mm AUX, Bluetooth and USB sound card inputs, for all your devices like PC/Mac/ PS4/ Laptop/CD Player/ Mobile Phones etc.
Color: Pink

Gaming Speaker

G1000 Specification



Effective Distance :




Sound Mode:

Gaming mode、Music mode









HECATE - G1000

Resonate with Clarity

From the deep acoustics of its full-range speakers to the vibrant hues of RGB lighting, every aspect is designed to immerse you in a gaming experience that's not just heard, but felt. With dual audio modes and effortless control, the G1000 elevates your play to concert hall echelons, ensuring every session is as visually dynamic as it is sonically profound.

Stylish Design

Aesthetic Meets Function

Choose a color that speaks to you and your gaming rig. With options like the timeless black, the pristine white, or the vibrant pink, the G1000 is designed to be seen as much as it is to be heard.

Immersive Experience

Hear Every Detail

Every in-game environment becomes more immersive, every soundtrack more captivating. With the G1000, you don't just play the game, you're in it.

Crystal-Clear Acoustics

Sound That Resonates with Precision

Delight in the clarity and depth of every audio cue with the G1000's 2.5-inch full-range speakers, delivering a solid 10W of peak power for an unexceptional sound quality that elevates your gaming experience to concert hall levels.

Dynamic RGB Lighting

Set the Mood, Game in Style

Enhance your gaming experience with 12 types of RGB lighting effects that dance to the rhythm of your victories and setbacks, bringing your games to life in a spectrum of color that's as versatile and dynamic as your playstyle.

Tailored Audio Modes

Dual Modes for Double the Impact

Switch with ease between Music and Game sound modes, each meticulously tuned to meet your audio needs. Whether you're lost in a symphony or a firefight, the G1000 adapts to your entertainment preferences.

Effortless Control

Command Your Sound

With a wired controller that supports volume adjustments, light effects, sound modes, and input modes, you have the power to fine-tune your audio environment right at your fingertips.

Universal Compatibility

Connect with Confidence

The G1000's versatility shines with support for various input modes including 3.5mm AUX, Bluetooth, and USB sound card inputs, ensuring seamless integration with all your devices like PC, Mac, PS4, laptop, CD player, and mobile phones.


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