In-Ear Detection, Hybrid ANC Gaming Earbuds

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  • Unique Design With RGB:  Unique design with RGB lighting effects, soul of Cyberpunk
  • Specially For Game: Specially H+ sound effect and  60ms low latency connection with seamless gaming experience
  • Hybrid Anc With Ambient Mode: Hybrid active noise canceling technology with noise reduction depth up to -38dB
  • Dual-Mic Enc: Dual environmental noise cancelling microphones for vocal clarity during video and voice calls 
  • Wearing Detection: Infrared in-ear detection technology, music is automatically played/paused when earbuds inserted/removed
  • Edifier Connect App: Personalize your listening experience and customize your settings control
hecate GX07 product video

Cyber Pulse of GX07 Sound

Smart wearing detection and the Edifier Connect App elevate your audio journey into a seamless, personalized soundscape.


Unique Design with RGB

Cyberpunk Aesthetics

Embrace the soul of Cyberpunk with the GX07's unique design, featuring mesmerizing RGB lighting effects. Step into the future where style meets technology, and express your individuality with a spectrum of vibrant colors that pulse to the rhythm of your life.

Specially for Gaming

Immersive H+ Sound

Designed with gamers in mind, the GX07 offers a tailored H+ sound effect and a rapid 60ms low latency connection. Experience your games with seamless audio synchronization that puts you in the center of the action every time.

Hybrid ANC with Ambient Mode

Next-Level Noise Cancellation

Dive into silence with Hybrid Active Noise Canceling technology that delivers up to -38dB of noise reduction depth. Switch to Ambient Mode when you need to be aware of your surroundings, without compromising on your audio experience.

Dual-Mic ENC

Unmatched Vocal Clarity

The GX07 ensures your voice is heard with crystal clarity. Dual environmental noise-canceling microphones filter out background noise during video and voice calls, so you can communicate with confidence in any environment.

Wearing Detection

Intuitive Listening

Experience the pinnacle of convenience with infrared in-ear detection technology. Your music automatically plays when the earbuds are inserted and pauses when removed, creating a seamless and intuitive audio experience.

Edifier Connect App

Customized Control

With the Edifier Connect App, personalize your listening experience and take control of your settings. Customize sound profiles, manage noise cancellation levels, and adjust lighting effects to match your personal style.

GX07 Technical Specifications




Bluetooth V5.0

Charging port

USB Type-C

Charging Time

About 1 hour (earbuds) / About 1 hour (charging case)

Playtime (hours)

ANC ON: 5 hours (earbuds) + 20 hours (charging case)
ANC OFF: 6.5 hours (earbuds) + 26 hours (charging case)

IP Rating


Battery Capacity

40mAh (earbuds) / 500mAh (charging case)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about GX07 Earbuds

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