Ultra-lightweight Fast Phone Cooling Gaming Cooler

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  • Fast iPhone Cooling: Built-in 40*40 TEC for 15-second cooling from 25° to 0°.
  • Ultra-lightweight pocket size design: 86g weight, 62.5*62*25mm(L*W*H), curved design provides a comfortable grip and enhances the experience of use.
  • 4 RGB effects: Gaming immersion no matter where you are thanks to four adjustable RGB effects.
  • Suspended PCBA design: Prevents condensation erosion and is both safe and durable.
  • Thermal Overload Protection: There is built-in Thermal Overload Protection, so there is no need to be concerned about mishaps even with high power.
  • Physical 3-speed control: Physical button adjustment for “Silent,” “Medium,” and “Very Cold” modes, no need for tedious software settings.

Phone Cooler

C4 Specification



Fast charging:

Cable (Included):


Cooling Technology:

40*40 TEC

RGB Effect:

Thermal Overload Protection:

App Support:

Suspended PCBA design:




Approx.87g (Net weight)


Cooling at the Speed of Light - Game on with C4's Ice-Age Technology.


Instant Cooling Technology

Ice Age in 15 Seconds

Feel the temperature drop from 25° to a chilling 0° in mere seconds with the built-in 40*40 TEC. Stay cool under pressure with the C4's unrivaled fast cooling capabilities.

Your Gaming Wingman

Ultra-Lightweight and Portable

Weighing in at just 90g and with dimensions of 62.56225mm, the C4's pocket-size and curved design ensures it's the perfect companion for gaming on the go. Keep it close for comfort, convenience, and superior grip.

Endless Power, Endless Play

Play and Charge Simultaneously

Bid farewell to battery anxiety and overheating frustration. With 20W of cooling power and 15W of wireless fast charging, the C4 lets you game on without missing a beat.

Light Up Your Game

Immersive RGB Effects

Four customizable RGB effects create the perfect gaming ambiance wherever you are. Let the colors flow and enhance your gaming experience with the C4.

Condensation-Free, Worry-Free

Innovative Suspended PCBA Design

The suspended PCBA design ensures durability and safe operation, protecting your device from condensation erosion. Trust the C4 for a reliable cooling shield.

Safety First

Thermal Overload Protection

Equipped with Thermal Overload Protection, the C4 provides peace of mind. Game hard without the fear of overheating or power-related mishaps.

Take Command of the Climate

Intuitive 3-Speed Control

With a physical 3-speed control button, toggle through "Silent," "Medium," and "Very Cold" modes with ease. No software, no hassle, just immediate climate control at your fingertips.

Unbox the Cool

Premium Gift Box Packaging

The C4 comes packaged in a sleek arms case design, making it the perfect gift for the dedicated gamer. An unboxing experience that looks as cool as the device inside.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about C4 Gaming Cooler

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