Shipping policy

1. Shipping Time and Rules
Shipment times for each product vary depending on availability. The estimated shipping time is one(1) to three(3) business days after we confirm your payment. In case of more than one product in the same order, the shipment time will depend on the product that will take the longest. We do not separate orders, so if you want to receive products individually as soon as they are available, please order them separately.

2. Shipping Service
Currently, we support EMS courier service.

3. Shipping Notice
You are required to accurately provide your true name, delivery address and effective contact information when placing an order so that we can arrange for delivery in a timely manner. If you have any special requirements for delivery, please contact our Customer Service in advance for inquiry.
You are required to check the goods receiving information carefully before the payment. If you provide a wrong address due to personal negligence, please contact Customer Support in a timely manner, and we will try our best to contact the courier service company for you so as to negotiate about the handling. It should be noted that:
If the order placing country is inconsistent with the goods receiving country, no modification can be made, and you shall select the page consistent with the goods receiving country to place an order again;
If an application for address modification is made after the ordered package is delivered, the successful modification of the order cannot be guaranteed, and the risks and expenses arising from the address modification shall be borne by the customer.
Note* In case of any delay or return due to the following reasons, Hecate shall not assume any liability:
1) The delivery is delayed due to remoteness or inconvenient transportation in some areas or other similar problems;
2) The package delivery is delayed or the package cannot be delivered due to the reasons attributable to the buyer (such as a change in the delivery address, unknown address, wrong address, failure in contact, rejection, no good receiving agent, etc.);
3) The delay is caused by the failure to arrange for a flight normally due to aviation security inspection or by the change to land transportation;
4) The delivery delay is caused by resistance in delivery (the courier is not allowed to enter the goods receiving address or the delivery is not accepted on rest days/public holidays, etc.);
5) The delay is caused by force majeure (“force majeure” means unforeseen, unavoidable or insurmountable objective circumstances and other objective circumstances that affect delivery time and cause a delay in package delivery, including but not limited to control or interruption of national or regional air or ground transportation systems, interference or failure of communication system, government actions, changes in policies of postal administration authorities, war, earthquake, typhoon, flood, fire, heavy rain, heavy fog and other similar events).

4. Inspection and Receipt of Goods

Hecate guarantees that the outer packaging of the goods is in good condition upon delivery. In order to protect your rights, it is recommended that you check the outer packaging of the parcel when you receive the parcel. If you find any damage or deformation or other similar circumstance, you shall not open the parcel and shall contact the Customer Service immediately to solve the problem. If it is found that the outer packaging is seriously damaged, you shall reject the goods on the spot.
If you have signed for the goods or caused your agent to sign for the goods, it will be deemed that the outer packaging of the product, as well as the quantity and content of the product, is correct. In order to protect your rights and interests, we strongly recommend that you take a complete video of unpacking and confirm whether you have received all items according to the packing list. If it is found after unpacking that there is a shortage of goods or damage thereto, you are required to contact the Customer Service within 24 hours after receiving the goods, so that we can quickly solve the problem for you.

5. FAQ
5.1 Where can Hecate ship products to?
Currently, we only support shipping to certain countries and if you cannot choose your country while filling in the shipping address, it means our product is not available to ship to your country at the moment. We will support more countries in the future.
5.2 How can I check the order status after purchasing a product in the status of tourist?
You're suggested to contact Hecate Customer Support to check your order status if you place an order as a tourist.
5.3 How can I modify the order after the order is submitted (before shipment)?
You shall provide valid proof (Hecate order number, recipient information and payment certificate, etc.) by using the email address when placing the order, and may not modify the recipient information and delivery address until the Customer Support verifies that you are the buyer. However, the country dimension, product quantity, type and color cannot be modified. If you request for a modification thereof, you shall cancel the order and then place a new one.
5.4 How can I cancel the order after the order is placed (before shipment)?
Please contact Hecate Customer Support if you'd like to cancel you order.
5.5 Are there any freight incurred for repeated delivery, rejection of express items and return of goods without reason?
1) In case of any additional costs of repeated delivery arising from the failure in delivery by the logistics company for several times due to the recipient’s personal reason, the recipient shall bear the costs.
2) In case of the request for order cancellation or rejection of goods after the parcel is delivered, the customer will bear the return costs arising therefrom, and the corresponding costs will be deducted when the refund is confirmed.
3) For a customer that is entitled to the service of return without reason, the freight of product return shall be borne by the customer, and the corresponding cost will be deducted when the refund is confirmed.
5.6 Are there any circumstances in which Hecate will cancel the order unilaterally?
Hecate only sells goods and services to end-users. Your purchase behavior should be based on real consumer needs, and you shall not have any behavior that disrupts normal transaction order, such as malicious purchase or resale of goods and services. In case of any of the following violations, Hecate shall have the right to unilaterally cancel the order and refund the fee according to the original channel before the goods are delivered or received:
1) Products exceeding the purchase limit are ordered through the same Hecate account;
2) A single account does not have the violation of the purchase restriction regulations, but as determined based on the order’s financial payment account, delivery address, order placement IP address and telephone number, etc., the actual purchaser is the same or closely related to a person, and the total purchase quantity of multiple orders has resulted in the violation of the purchase restriction regulations;
3) Other circumstances in which the purchase is made by improper means as deemed by Hecate or in which there is evidence showing that the order is in violation of law.