What is Ultra-low latency - FLASHSPEED

What is Ultra-low latency - FLASHSPEED

        In the Bluetooth audio race, latency is an invisible adversary that can derail the perfect wireless experience.FLASHSPEED technology is the leader in ultra-low latency technology, breaking down the barriers traditionally set by Bluetooth with its flash latency. With latency as low as 15 milliseconds - 10 times faster than the blink of an eye - FLASHSPEED not only improves upon existing standards but also redefines It not only improves on existing standards, it redefines them.

        FLASHSPEED's ultra-low latency technology ensures near-perfect synchronization of audio and vision, providing gamers in particular with the instant feedback they need to make decisions when experiencing FPS and other games where low latency is critical.

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Comparison to Standard Bluetooth

        Typical Bluetooth connections have a latency of around 200 milliseconds, which is perceptible and often disruptive to the user. FLASHSPEED exceeds this standard with a 125% increase in speed. This leap is not just a numerical win, it's a revolution in the wireless audio experience, with responsiveness that rivals wired connections.

Impact on Gaming and Real-Time Audio

        In games, where milliseconds can change the outcome, FLASHSPEED's low-latency performance helps change the course of game results. It gives players a competitive edge by allowing them to experience virtually latency-free audio feedback from their games, providing an immersive experience. Beyond gaming, the technology ensures that communication is natural and instantaneous, and can also benefit any real-time audio interaction, such as videoconferencing or live music performances.

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The technological innovation behind FLASHSPEED

        The secret behind FLASHSPEED's impressive performance lies in its innovative use of proprietary technologies and algorithms. By optimizing the audio transmission path, FLASHSPEED minimizes processing time at each step, ensuring that sound is delivered not only quickly, but reliably.

Superior Voice Quality

        FLASHSPEED also delivers "super clear" voice call quality. This is not just a marketing slogan, but a difference that users can feel. By utilizing advanced HD audio decoding and 3D sound effects, FLASHSPEED delivers audio clarity that breathes life into every note and word. Whether it's the subtle sound changes of a friend talking on the phone or the complex layers of sound in an HD soundtrack, FLASHSPEED ensures that as little sound as possible is lost during transmission.

Dedicated Domain Anti-Interference

        Wireless audio is often subject to interference, which can degrade sound quality and disrupt connections, and FLASHSPEED's "dedicated domain" anti-interference feature addresses this challenge. Unlike the "Common Domain" used for traditional 2.4GHz connections, the "Dedicated Domain" is similar to a dedicated channel for audio signals, minimizing interference and maintaining a stable connection. This isolation from external noise sources means clearer calls and uninterrupted audio, providing peace of mind in critical listening environments.

Dual Loop Noise Cancellation

        Dual-loop noise cancellation is another standout feature of the FLASHSPEED kit. It is an advanced technology that actively filters out background noise during calls, ensuring that your voice is audible without interference from ambient sounds.

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