GT2 - Black & Yellow

Ultra-Light 13mm Dynamic Drivers Gaming Earbuds

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  • 45MS Ultra Low Latency:45ms ultra-low-latency, Switch between games, music, and videos effortlessly.
  • 4.5+18 Hours Battery Life:The battery life of a single charge is about 4.5 hours, while the charging case will give you an additional 22.5 hours.
  • 13MM Dynamic Drivers:It boasts a superior acoustic foundation, dynamic low frequency, and superb resolution.
  • Microphone Call Noise Cancellation:Noise cancellation for more effective communication.
  • Ultra-Light Design Ultra:The earbud alone barely weights 3.5g. They are cozy enough to wear all day.
  • Elf-Like Dancing RGB Lighting Effects:When the headset is turned on, the elf-like light effect starts to dance; from growing to awakening to hibernating, each stage is enjoying the dynamic attraction of light and shadow!

Gaming Wireless Earbuds

GT2 Specification






Bluetooth 5.3

Sound effect:

Gaming mode

Charging port:

USB Type-C

Response speed:

Approx. 45ms

Charging Time:

Approx. 2h




Mic call noise cancellation

Effective distance:

Approx. 10m


Crisp, Comfortable, Conquering

GT2 Earbuds – where ultra-low latency meets marathon battery life and acoustic excellence.


45MS Ultra Low Latency

Instantaneous Audio Sync

Experience the pinnacle of sound synchronization with the GT2's 45ms ultra-low-latency. Seamlessly switch between games, music, and videos, with audio that keeps pace with your every move.

Marathon Battery Life

4.5+18 Hours of Uninterrupted Play

The GT2 doesn't just keep up; it stays ahead. Get up to 4.5 hours on a single charge and an additional 22.5 hours with the charging case. Your gaming sessions just got extended.

13MM Dynamic Drivers

Acoustic Excellence

Discover a world where every sound is a masterpiece. The 13mm dynamic drivers lay down a superior acoustic foundation, with deep, dynamic lows and crystal-clear resolution.

Microphone Call Noise Cancellation

Clear Commands, Clear Victory

Communicate with precision. The GT2's noise cancellation ensures your voice cuts through the chaos, ensuring clear calls and decisive in-game chat.

Feather-Light Comfort

3.5g of Pure Comfort

At a mere 3.5g per earbud, the GT2 offers a fit so comfortable, you might forget you’re wearing them. Designed for all-day wear, these earbuds are as cozy as they are powerful.

Elf-Like Dancing RGB Lighting Effects

The Aesthetics of Light and Shadow

Illuminate your gaming universe with the GT2's elf-like RGB lighting effects. Watch them dance in a spectrum of colors, signaling your headset's every state – from powering on to hibernation.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about GT2 Earbuds

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