75g 7programmable buttons RGB Gaming Mouse

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  • High-performance sensor:16000dpi and 400IPS, for faster and more accurate moving.
  • Mechanical Switch:80 million click durability, delivers a crisp, clean click feel with rapaid click feedback.
  • RGB Lightning effect::RGB lighting can be customized from a palette of approximately 16.8 million colors using HECATE Connect to personalize your setup.
  • 7programmable buttons::7programmable buttons give you complete control over your gameplay.
  • Ultra Lightweight Design of 75g:The symmetrical, streamlined, ultra-light honeycomb skeleton design makes the body more agile, improving your reaction time in combat.
  • Using customization:The left and right hands can change position according to habit.

Gaming Wireless Mice

G4M Specification



Programmable Buttons:




Custom Lighting:


Sensitivity (DPI):

400-16,000 dpi

Max Acceleration:




Max Speed(IPS):


Click Lifecycle:

Approx 80 million

Polling rate:

1000 Hz(1ms)


Edge of Precision Master Your Game with Unmatched Speed and Customizable Control


Elevate Your Game with 16000dpi & 400IPS

Precision at Your Fingertips

Featuring a high-performance sensor with a staggering 16000dpi and 400IPS, G4M delivers unparalleled accuracy and speed. Perfect for gamers who demand the very best, the G4M ensures your movements are swift and precise, every time.

Enduring Quality with 80 Million Click Durability

Click with Confidence

With a remarkable 80 million click durability, each press is met with crisp, clean feedback. Rapid response times transform every action into victory, making the G4M the ultimate tool for gamers seeking reliability and precision.

16.8 Million Colors with HECATE Connect

Customize Your Color

Customize your gaming atmosphere using HECATE Connect, choosing from a palette of approximately 16.8 million colors. Whether you're looking to match your setup or express your style, the G4M brings your gaming environment to life.

7 Programmable Buttons for Tailored Gameplay

Control at Your Command

The G4M Gaming Mouse puts the power of customization in your hands. With 7 programmable buttons, configure your setup for optimal gameplay. Through HECATE Connect, assign macros, adjust DPI, and set auxiliary functions with ease.

Seamless Customization Software

Fine-Tune Your Gaming Experience

Maximize the potential of your G4M with HECATE Connect. This intuitive software suite allows for detailed customization of macros, DPI settings, lighting effects, and more. Tailor every aspect of your gaming mouse to fit your unique playstyle, ensuring you're always a step ahead in the game.

Experience the 75g Ultra-Light Design

Lightweight. Agile. Unstoppable.

The G4M redefines agility with its ultra-lightweight, 75g design. Crafted for speed, its symmetrical, streamlined honeycomb structure not only looks cutting-edge but significantly enhances your reaction time. Move quicker, play longer, and fight harder without the weight holding you back.

Ambidextrous Design for Custom Comfort

Versatility for Every Gamer

The G4M Gaming Mouse embraces every gamer with its ambidextrous design. Easily adjustable for both left and right-handed users, it ensures maximum comfort and efficiency during long gaming sessions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about G4M Gaming Mouse

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