About Us

Edifier Introduction

Edifier specializes in the design and manufacture of premium audio solutions that showcase technological innovation and design excellence. Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Beijing, China, Edifier delivers outstanding sound experiences through a wide range of home sound, professional audio, automobile audio, headphones, and microphones for personal entertainment and professional use.  In 2010, Edifier was regarded as the only Chinese enterprise for national trademark strategy implementation, and in February 2010,  Edifier joined the Chinese stock share market and became the first enterprise listed in the Chinese audio market.

Hecate Introduction

HECATE, Edifier’s professional audio brand for Gamers.
HECATE started life as a gaming product line for Edifier in 2013 and has been operating as an independent brand since 2018. Combining the 25-year acoustic pedigree from Edifier, with the futuristic design styling of the HECATE brand, has led to a break-through within the gaming industry’s imagination. Our ambition is to redefine the boundaries between the gaming and real-life world.

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